You thought you knew front-end

Code in the Dark is a competition where front-end development meets smoke machines and lasers. Given a screenshot of a website, the contestants have 15 minutes to replicate it using HTML/CSS, without previewing the result. 

The winner in each heat is decided by the audience. The competition continues until there's only one contestant left — the Champion of the Dark.

15 Minutes
No Previews
One champion

All you need to know

Code In The Dark will take place at Festen, the official after party for Nordic.js. All contestants will be preselected, so make sure to apply for a spot if you're interested in competing (you don’t need a Nordic.js-ticket to apply or attend but you need to RSVP to Festen).

The Rules

  • During the competition, the contestants have to use the custom editor for Code in the Dark, which you can try out here.
  • Each contestant receives a bundle of the editor, which includes a screenshot of the page they should implement with HTML/CSS and any additional assets they might need.
  • No iframes, frameworks, snippets or other assets outside of the ones listed in the instructions are allowed. The site should be built from scratch during the competition.
  • The contestant should have the editor in fullscreen mode, and it's never allowed to exit out of it or use any measurement tools.
  • Previews of the results are strictly forbidden until the time is over.
  • Once the 15 minute timer runs out each contestant presents their result to the audience, who then vote on their favorite to decide the winner.

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